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IBM Information Integrator Content Edition (IICE) Connector for CM/iSeries

Leveraging Enterprise Content Integration with CM/iSeries


ImageTech Systems is pleased to announce the IBM Content Manager/iSeries IICE Connector, allowing organizations to include their iSeries-based content repositories in an enterprise-wide content integration solution.

IBM’s Information Integrator Content Edition (IICE) provides the framework to enable organizations with an enterprise content integration strategy, resulting in multiple disparate content sources looking and acting as one system. Now, IBM Content Manager/iSeries customers can include their iSeries repositories as part of this strategy. The ImageTech Systems Content Manager/iSeries IICE Connector provides the necessary integration to add a Content Manager/iSeries system to any organization’s IICE framework. Content from Content Manager/iSeries can now be included in federated searches from enterprise users. Additionally, users can be exposed to a browse-able folder structure via IICE.



  • Supports custom search templates for backend CM/iSeries via IICE Data maps.
  • Supports use of data maps to provide federated search capabilities, across various backends, including CM/iSeries


  • Allow users to browse the CM/iSeries repository via a virtual folder structure.


  • Supports retrieval and display of all common document formats.


  • Leverage the security profiles inherent to your CM/iSeries system
  • Provide additional security through IICE user profiles.
  • Single Sign On capability
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