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Kofax Advanced Database Export Connector

Easily Export Information Collected by Kofax Capture to Any Application



Leverage your investment in Kofax Capture or Kofax Transformation Modules by enabling your document capture platform to connect to any business application or database. ImageTech’s Advanced Database Export Connector provides complete flexibility to move the critical information that has been extracted from documents into a variety of data stores.

Use the power of Kofax to extract critical information from any document and then use the Advanced Database Export Connector to send that information to any application. The export connector enables you to map any Kofax Index Field or Internal Value to any database. You can export data to multiple tables, use stored procedures, and choose to store the documents themselves in or out of the database.

Kofax Process

Key Features

  • Custom export connector that is fully integrated with Kofax Capture (which also provides compatibility for Kofax Transformation Modules and Kofax Front Office Server)
  • Support for ODBC, OLE DB and Access Databases
  • Support for Database Stored Procedures, as well as direct table inserts
  • Export data to multiple database tables or stored procedures
  • Export Documents into the database or to a file system
  • Create Dynamically-named folders when exporting to a file system
  • Export Internal Kofax variables (ex. Page Count)


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