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Welcome to the forefront of AP automation excellence, where Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax), a global leader in OCR and AP Automation, seamlessly integrates with Microsoft's D365 Business Central ERP platform.

Leveraging ImageTech’s experience, we developed a specialized integration from AP Essentials to Business Central that enables your team to work out of one system for all your AP Invoice processing.

The ImageTech AP Essentials to Business Central Connector revolutionizes your Business Central AP Automation workflow by enabling robust features highlighted below.

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Tungsten Automation is Continuously Ranked as a Leader by Key Analysts

Transforming Invoice Management
In the Cloud

Tungsten's AP Essentials stands as a testament to innovation in Accounts Payable automation, offering a comprehensive, cloud-based solution tailored for diverse invoice formats and sources.

Leveraging its proprietary OCR technology and AI-driven capabilities, AP Essentials transforms the way businesses handle their invoices, from capture to validation, and seamless integration with financial systems. This AP Automation solution not only streamlines the invoice processing workflow but also significantly boosts accuracy and efficiency, paving the way for faster, smarter decision-making.

Invoice Automation in the Cloud

Captures and validates invoices from any source, in any format, ensuring seamless, secure, and consistent processing.

Low Total Cost of Ownership and Fast ROI

Cloud-based support and constant monitoring for quick and cost-effective implementation.

Intelligent Line Item Extraction

Machine learning for efficient 2-way and 3-way line item matching, improving with each invoice processed.

AI-Powered Invoice Recognition and Coding

Utilizes artificial intelligence to recognize previously processed invoices, offering smart suggestions for General Ledger and Dimension coding

Workflow Automation

Native workflows for proper invoice routing, enforcing approval policies, and enhancing process transparency.

Multi-Language and Currency Support

Adapts to a wide range of languages and currencies, reflecting over 25 years of global experience.

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