Support Guide

At ImageTech, we strive to provide fast, quality support. This includes timely response, personnel that
are qualified and certified on the products being supported, and accurate issue resolution. ImageTech
technical support staff are Systems Architects/Engineers—commonly referred to as “Level 2” support.
Initial troubleshooting and support are best handled by someone within our customer’s organization.
Following the guidelines outlined below will help us to help you in the most efficient means possible.

Support Offerings

Post-Implementation Support (which is specific to a particular project)

Unless otherwise noted, post-implementation support is limited to 2 calendar weeks following
the “go-live” date for a particular project

Software Assurance (aka Software Upgrade Assurance, SUA, or SA)

  • Commonly referred to as “maintenance”, SA is an annual subscription that entitles customers to
    software updates (but not labor related to upgrading software/environments), patches, & fixes.
  • While typically sold through ImageTech to the end customer, Software Assurance is a direct
    entitlement between our customer and the software/product vendor (ie. Kofax, Nintex, etc).
  • Note that, for Kofax in particular, direct support is only available to product-Certified
    staff—therefore, support tickets should be routed through ImageTech when required.
  • Subscription licensing customers have a maintenance/support entitlement that is equivalent to

Application Support (aka Advanced Support Starter or Unlimited)

  • Comprehensive break/fix support for covered software products, as well as the implementation
    of applications and solutions incorporating such software products. Includes customizations.
  • Advanced Support extends beyond the typical scope of what a software vendor provides, which is basic break/fix support that is very strictly limited to the product itself, not the environment.
  • ImageTech Advanced Support for the solution extends to the environment where the solution
    has been implemented, and includes support for systems integrations and connectors, etc.
  • Design, consulting, or implementation tasks/inquiries are outside the scope of solution Support; for that, ImageTech recommends either project-specific services or a recurring Pro Services plan.
  • Advanced Support also does not include review of configurations for advice/technical guidance, ImageTech generated detailed technical how-to’s, and adjustments to existing configurations

Note: Customers who have an annual “Advanced Tech Support for Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365
Agreement” with ImageTech are in this category, even if maintenance (SA) is renewed separate from ImageTech. This is a common scenario, since Microsoft licenses, subscriptions, renewals, and Enterprise Agreements are often sold by Microsoft directly (large customers) or by a distributor like CDW or SHI.

Note: Software Assurance is a pre-requisite for Application Support. Fees associated with Software
Assurance and Application Support are according to the quote provided to customer by ImageTech. The rate for Application Support is a fixed fee (not a percentage of software license prices, or tied to a vendor’s software product/pricing) and is subject to review/change prior to each annual renewal.

How do I contact support?

Call Support: 717-761-5900, Option 1 for technical support

What are ImageTech’s standard support hours?

8 AM to 5 PM Eastern US Time, during ImageTech business hours (Monday – Friday)

ImageTech Holidays include:

  • New Year (2 days)
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (2 days)
  • Christmas (2 days)

What response time can I expect?

The standard ImageTech Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Support guarantees a maximum 4 hour
initial response time to any support requests. ImageTech defines response time as having an active
conversation either by phone or email with a support representative capable of troubleshooting the
issue. Often, support requests are acknowledged much faster (historical average is 60 minutes).

Case Numbers

ImageTech will assign a unique case number to each support request we receive. This will be provided to you in our initial response. Please reference the relevant case number in any follow-up communications regarding the support request.

What information should I provide?

When requesting support from ImageTech, it is extremely helpful if you can collect some information
prior to contacting us and provide it to us with your initial request. Specifically:

  • Names and specific versions of the supported product(s) in need of technical support
  • Operating system and version for the machine(s) involved
  • Contact information for technical staff and any end-users we may need to speak with:
    - Name
    - Phone #
    - Email Address
  • Impact description outlining if the problem is with a Production system and what the impact ofthe issue is having on the environment.
  • Detailed description of the problem, and steps to duplicate it if applicable
  • Description of steps already attempted to resolve the issue

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