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Process Orchestration & Workflow Management

Connect users and systems to expedite processes with digital workflows. An easy way to begin or enhance your digital transformation journey while increasing employee satisfaction.

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Comprehensive Connected Systems

Be it legacy systems, proprietary applications, enterprise apps or mobile tools, Kofax can help you get connected on your most critical business systems through their Intelligent Automation approach.

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Document Scanning & Intelligent Data Extraction

The most advanced document capture product in theindustry. Cognitive capture and data extractioncoupled with advanced workflows to transform yourdocument centric business processes.

The Power of Tungsten


Industry leading document processing technology increasing both speed and accuracy of data extraction through multi-channel ingestion. Eliminate manual data extraction driving an immediate ROI for your business needs.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
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Natural Language Processing
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Structured & Unstructured Data Extraction
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OUr Numbers

Task Automation Through Powerful RPA

Thousands of organizations deploy Robotic Process Automation to eliminate manual, mundane rules-based business processes. Whether the task is repeatable and predictable or challenging and complex, RPA is up to the task. Empower your organization to be more flexible and agile with robots that can operate around the clock, much faster, with higher precision and accuracy.

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Simplify your workflow. Leverage powerful and easy-to-use workflow automation software to streamline the processes that make up the core of your business. Ensure every task advances to the next stage of the process to make sure your enterprise runs more efficiently.