Tungsten AP Essentials Key Features

100% Cloud-Based Invoice Automation Software

Integration into Any Finance Platform

AI Intelligent Data Extraction

Built-In Workflow Automation

Multi-Currency & Language Support

General Ledger Coding

Built-In Analytics Dashboard

Simple Payable Invoice Automation

Tungsten AP Essentials™ can streamline your Accounts Payable operations by automating invoice processing from any source and format.

Whether invoices arrive as paper, PDF, or through various electronic means like email, EDI, or online portals, AP Essentials makes it easy for your team to process them quickly and accurately.

Transforming Invoice Management
In the Cloud

Leveraging its proprietary OCR technology and AI-driven capabilities, AP Essentials transforms the way businesses handle their invoices, from capture to validation, and seamless integration with financial systems.

Our solution reads invoices faster and with fewer errors than humans, ensuring that all crucial details are captured correctly.

Save Time with Best-In-Class Cognitive Capture

Enjoy the labor-reducing benefits of improved extraction rates. Adaptive, artificial intelligence-based capabilities improve processing speed and precision.

Low Total Cost of Ownership and Fast ROI

Leverage existing systems and reduce overhead on hardware that depreciates over time. Achieve ROI quickly with simple implementation & 24/7 cloud-based support.

Automate Invoice Processing with Broad ERP Integration

AP Essentials configures to accommodate unique vendor requirements. The suite integrates with ERP and pay-to-procure market leaders.

Streamline Invoice Processing with Workflow Automation

Native workflows ensure proper routing of invoices, enforced approval policies and greater transparency into how processes are executed.

Tungsten Automation is Continuously Ranked as a Leader by Key Analysts

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